Hey, what’s your story?  

Let me write the most exciting chapter for your business

Words come in all different sizes. You can use a big fancy word like gasconade, but who wants to gasconade about their business when you can brag about it. Word choice directly affects how your business is perceived. Communicate effectively and you can engage your consumer in a deep meaningful conversation that develops into a beautiful ongoing relationship.

To do this, you need to find a voice that resonates in a clear warm tone. This is the fundamental character of your brand’s values, expressed in words. That’s where I come in. I’m a storyteller and I want to help you tell your story. My talent is choosing the right words to get your message across in a concise easy-to-read manner. Whether that is using a colloquial tone ripe with humour and pathos, or, developing a more serious formal tone, imbued with gravitas and authority. Years of premium magazine writing means I’m the master of the killer, notice me headline and the equally important strapline.

Today, brands and services need to communicate across numerous platforms and require more content than ever to engage directly with their audience. I can produce copy for websites, start-ups, marketing content for B2B or B2C, write your company’s annual report, newsletter, blog or engage your audience via social media. I can also help you name your business, focus your mission statement or firm up your business case. 



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