Why Millennials Keep Getting Naked In Public

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Backyard cricket is an Australian summer tradition going back generations — but this year, millennials have made one very crucial change: They’re doing it completely naked and documenting their exploits on Instagram.

On Australia Day, Get Naked Australia posted a photo of one such game, showing a guy — nude apart from his Akubra — being bowled LBW by a woman wearing nothing but an impressive tan line, as their naked mates fielded.

The photo went off like a prawn left out in the midday sun, accumulating several thousand likes and numerous comments, including one user, who posed a very valid question: “But why?”

Good question, mate! These young Aussies are a part of a growing millennial movement, who like to let it all hang loose with their friends at Australia’s prettiest beauty spots then post photos of themselves on to social media.


The inadvertent spokesman for the movement is Brendan Jones, a 28-year-old physiotherapist from Sydney. He founded Get Naked Australia in 2015 after he started hiking then stripping off at swimming holes. Jones put a series of photos of his best moments in the buff into a calendar, as a gag Christmas gift for his wife.

“It seemed to get a fair few laughs and then I put it on social media,” he told news.com.au. “Given the popularity of it, I started Get Naked Australia on Instagram.”

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