The Seemingly Innocent Phone Habit That Could Suggest They’re Cheating

The sinister undertone to this seemingly harmless behaviour.

Let’s call him Boyfriend Dave. Dave’s mobile phone either superglued to his hand, or else it lives life inside his pocket, next to his trouser snake. Eventually, when it makes its way out into the light (the phone not the trouser snake), Dave puts his mobile face down on the kitchen bench. Come to think of it, he puts it face down on the bedside table, or when he’s at the pub, flat on the bar. Dave’s phone is rarely is facing up. But what could this mean? Is it a red flag that Dave is dodgy, or, is he just a phone down kind of guy. Naturally, Boyfriend Dave could just as likely be Girlfriend Grace, who also has phone face down preferences.

To get some insight, check out this survey by extramarital affair site Ashley Madison who asked 1,500 philanderers the question of how they communicated. The answer was 56% of cheaters used their mobile phone as their prime source of contact. Next came email at 44%, in third place were dating sites with 20% of respondents communicating on the sly, followed by social media DM’s at 20%, and finally, 11% used a secret phone. So, no wonder we may get a little paranoid when we realise we never see our lover’s screensaver shining up at us.

But is there really something they doesn’t want you to see, or maybe your partner is just organising your surprise 30th birthday cruise? The internet has been dating this dilemma, as this meme makes the rounds and getting a very mixed reaction:

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